What Makes Us Human? It’s Being Perplexed

What Makes Us Human? It’s Being Perplexed

The medieval rabbi, scholar and philosopher Maimonides is a pillar of Jewish thought, but his work in the sciences is essential to understanding scientific thought, too. His profound humility bridged both realms, and despite being controversial at the time, the Mishneh Torah and the Guide for the Perplexed have only grown stronger in stature as fundamental Jewish texts. How can we continue to be guided and inspired by his work today, as it has come into dialogue with later philosophers like Baruch Spinoza and movements like modern feminism?

(This post is part of Sinai and Synapses’ project Scientists in Synagogues, a grass-roots program to offer Jews opportunities to explore the most interesting and pressing questions surrounding Judaism and science. This presentation by Rabbi Jason Rubenstein, who is Howard M. Holtzmann Jewish Chaplain at the Yale University Slifka Center, was the first part of a culminating event at Temple Emanu-El in Providence, RI, on March 19, 2023).

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