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How the Days of Awe Nourish Our Emotions

    Amid the sweetness and celebration of Rosh Hashana, rituals like Yizkor and hearing the sound of the shofar open up access to emotions that we often bottle up.

    Can We Have God and Science?

      Not only has science advanced by leaps and bounds since we were in college in the 70’s, but some of the things we learned as scientific “fact” are no longer “facts” at all.


      Science in the Synagogue Symposium: The End of Illness?

      October 14, 2018
      8:45 AM - 12:00 PM

      Over the course of the morning, this symposium at Congregation Emanu El of Houston will seek to answer the question: Can and should science eradicate disease – and what will it mean for our humanity? We live in a unique moment when science and technology are poised to seize control of the human genome and […]


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