Sinai and Synapses bridges
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offering people a worldview that is
scientifically grounded and spiritually uplifting.

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The End of Disease?

Is illness morally evil, or is it the morally neutral result of organisms like viruses and bacteria and cancer cells all doing their best to survive and replicate, just as they were created to do?

Climate Change as a Story

    Big Stories, like the ones forged by religion, could be a powerful motivator for climate action. How might we use this way of thinking to spur action while staying scientific?

    Who Shows Up?

      Those who “know” and “care” can’t seem to understand why others don’t. But invoking guilt and disappointment is not the way to communicate it.


      How Do We Talk About Science and Religion?

      November 30, 2018
      7:30 PM

      As part of the Rabbi Selig Salkowitz Memorial Distinguished Speaker Series, Rabbi Geoffrey A. Mitelman will speak at Temple Avodat Shalom about science and religion.


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