Sinai and Synapses seeks to bridge
the religious and scientific worlds,
offering people a worldview that is
scientifically grounded and spiritually uplifting.

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We Need Light to See Each Other

We are mindful of that web that connects all of us, and we will, God-willing, emerge to tread more softly, honoring one another in our shared human vulnerability.


When Reality Is Hard to Accept

Once I accept reality, I can begin to work on the world as it is, rather than the world that exists in my head.



The Genesis Project: Day Three — A-Life: Worth Living?

February 9, 2017
7:00 pm - 8:30 pm

Life begins on the third day of Bereshit. Soon it will be possible to create artificial life, “A-Life”: designer cells and tissues, and, eventually, entire organisms. What ethical challenges does this pose?

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