Content on Scientists in Synagogues

Content on Scientists in Synagogues

Each of the congregations selected by Scientists in Synagogues agreed to create content such as blogposts, videos, and other resources surrounding Judaism and science. The topics they explore range from the neuroscience of free will to astrobiology to technology, and so here you will find all the content resources that have arisen out of this initiative.

What Is Awe?

In life, Yirah as Fear and Yirah as Wonder might feel like they are separate things. But they are, in fact, interconnected in the container that is Awe.


Glimmers are the opposite of triggers. A glimmer is a micro-event that quickly brings us to wholeness and tranquility, by suddenly cuing up a memory of connection or awe.

Ask the Rabb-AI

If our intelligence is the only characteristic that makes us human, it won’t be long now before the machines can beat us at that game. But human beings are more than just intelligence.