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Judaism, Race, and Ethics

Since they have diametrically opposed impacts on society, it is virtually unintelligible to link religion and race. However much this may be so, it would be ill advised to consider them radically disconnected or as always operating as opposing forces.

Racism and the Professional Class

Who benefits from the policies white progressives are advocating? Are we fighting for racial justice, or for someone else’s justice? Or for no one’s? Until I know, I will be slow to speak and quick to question orthodoxies.

Corona and Keter, Disease and Divinity

Rather than seeing God as decreeing disease, we’re better off recognizing how human beings affect the cosmos and, in turn, the divine.


Apply for Scientists in Synagogues!

May 4, 2020 – July 23, 2020

Would your community like $3600 for programming – along with mentorship, guidance and inspiration – to connect Judaism and science? Then apply for Scientists in Synagogues!


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