Sinai and Synapses bridges the religious and scientific worlds, offering people a worldview that is scientifically grounded and spiritually uplifting.

The Sinai and Synapses Fellowship is a select interfaith group of clergy, scientists and writers who are committed to elevating the discourse surrounding religion and science. It is supported by grant funding secured with the help of the Templeton Religion Trust, as well as generous individual donors.
"Sacred Science," hosted by Rabbi Geoffrey A. Mitelman, talks with professors and rabbis, academics and practitioners, and scientists and religious thinkers to help us move beyond a simplistic and false "either / or" dichotomy to go in depth on the biggest questions we face in this world -- personally, societally, and globally.
Co-hosted by five former Sinai and Synapses Fellowship alumni, Down the Wormhole is a podcast that explores the fascinating and complicated relationship between science and religion.


Scientists in Synagogues

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