Rearranging Ritual: A Conversation With Connor Wood, PhD

Rearranging Ritual: A Conversation With Connor Wood, PhD

As we re-evaluate our work-life balance after the pandemic, we may find ourselves searching for new rituals as well, and thinking about the differences and resentments that divide us. Sinai and Synapses Fellowship alumnus Connor Wood has had wide-ranging experiences with science and religion that have allowed him some insights into why people affiliate, live and learn along such lines – and important human experiences that can bring them together, such as music. Having recently left academia, he has also has seen the ways in which prestige and hard work are rewarded in America, and continues to re-examine these in light of our rescrambled society.


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Connor Wood, Ph.D., is a Research Associate at the Center for Mind and Culture, focusing on the evolutionary study of religion, computer modeling of social processes, and religion-science issues.





Next week, on Tuesday, June 15 at 2 PM Eastern, we will be speaking with Helen de Cruz, PhD, who is Danforth Chair in the Humanities at Saint Louis University. Her work addresses how we form beliefs in domains remote from everyday life, like mathematics, theology and science.

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