AI, Ethics, and the Vatican

AI, Ethics, and the Vatican

Artificial Intelligence is not just the stuff of science fiction. It’s found all around us – from deciding what movie shows up next on your Netflix screen to determining if you are approved for a loan for your new house. And with AI integrated with more and more of our everyday lives, it also has control over more and more of our lives. It has a hand in our finances, what kinds of news we see, and even our interactions with other people. So it comes as no surprise that AI is of particular interest to the Vatican, in particular, the ethics of AI. In fact, several times the Pope was responsible for bringing together ethicists, thinkers, and tech giants to discuss how AI can best be used to serve people, rather than the other way around.

Today I’m talking to Dr. Brian Patrick Green. Brian is a one of these thinkers. He is the Director of Technology Ethics at the Markkula Center for Applied Ethics at Santa Clara University. Attending these conferences on AI at the Vatican, Brian saw how companies use AI, how it can be ethical (or not), and how AI can be made better, more ethical, and even used to solve some of the biggest problems that we encounter as humans. We then discuss the biggest problems in ethics and AI, how AI can be made ethical, even when it is not transparent, and if Artificial General Intelligence is possible.


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