Habits and Awareness: A Neuroscientist’s Perspective

Habits and Awareness: A Neuroscientist’s Perspective

Are humans on autopilot, relying on habits to navigate the world, or are we fully in control of our lives, actively deciding who we are and who we want to be? Relying on her personal research and advances in the field of neuroscience, Professor Victoria Templer Rotkow examines human and nonhuman animal behavior to investigate the power of habit, how much agency we have in our lives, and our capacity to change.

(This post is part of Sinai and Synapses’ project Scientists in Synagogues, a grass-roots program to offer Jews opportunities to explore the most interesting and pressing questions surrounding Judaism and science. Victoria Templer Rotkow is Associate Professor of Psychology at Providence College, where she is Principal Investigator at The Neuroscience, Animal & Cognition Lab (“NAC Lab”). She is also a member of Temple Emanu-El in Providence, RI).

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