Content on Scientists in Synagogues (Page 4)

Content on Scientists in Synagogues (Page 4)

Each of the congregations selected by Scientists in Synagogues agreed to create content such as blogposts, videos, and other resources surrounding Judaism and science. The topics they explore range from the neuroscience of free will to astrobiology to technology, and so here you will find all the content resources that have arisen out of this initiative.

Re-Enacting and Remembering

When we recount the Haggadah through the symbolic actions of Pesach-matzah-maror, we are not simply recalling a historical event, but are engaging in a process of self-perfection, striving toward human wholeness, and experiencing divine spirituality.

The Family Gene

When it comes to rare diseases, it’s the loneliness that gets you. But there are many more stories just like ours.