What Does It Mean to be “Human”?

What Does It Mean to be “Human”?

In May 2019, over 25 alumni of the Sinai and Synapses Fellowship came together to discuss topics they were working on in their own personal or professional fields. Those conversations generated several podcasts, and this one, focusing on “What Does It Mean To Be Human?,” features Adam Pryor, Kendra Holt Moore, and Ian Binns, and was hosted by Zack Jackson.

When we think of “being human,” we think of ourselves as self-contained bodily units. But our “humanity” also extends out to the things we create and use — our phones, our houses, our medications, and even future technologies we can’t even imagine. And it also shrinks down to things we’re not even aware of, like the bacteria in our gut. So if we talk about “human rights,” who or what has actually has those rights? And how do we decide?

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