Thinking Ecologically – 10,000 Years Down the Road

Thinking Ecologically – 10,000 Years Down the Road

In this discussion, recorded at the November 2018 Sinai and Synapses Fellowship meeting, Adam Pryor, Sarah Goss, Adam Reynolds, and Isaac Alderman discuss how thinking outside our mortal, human time-scales can be motivating, rather than scary – and how religion helps us imagine the order of an earth that is sometimes outside our control. Indeed, one of the compelling, and often comforting, aspects of religion is how it helps us envision eternity, or time-scales far beyond the human lifetime. Complementing this “Godly” time frame of thinking is our sense of tangible connection to the world around us – from the grandeur of nature to the multiplying complexity of our microbiome. How can we take action by nurturing both these different kinds of embeddedness?

The Sinai and Synapses Fellows raise these questions in a video focusing on “God’s Creation and Our Creation,” part of the Sinai and Synapses Discussion Forum.

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