The Blessings of A.I. In Our Lives

The Blessings of A.I. In Our Lives

Thank you God for the wonders in our lives!  Daily we Jews express our appreciation to God for the wonders and awe of God’s creations.  We express gratitude for the blessings of our bodies, of our daily functions, of our food, of our leadership. Mishnah Brachot Chapter 9 provides an overview for the blessings we recite in awe of creations:  a place of miracles; lightning, mountains, rivers, great seas. Blessings for a new home, for new purchased items for the home.

Similarly, when one built a new house or purchased new vessels, one recites: Blessed…Who has given us life, sustained us, and brought us to this time. Mishnah Brachot 9:3.

We are commanded to look at our world and the awe of both the natural and the human creations in our midst and to express recognition and gratitude for their presence in our lives.  We do not take for granted the human capacity to build a home just as we do not take for granted the sacred capacity to build a mountain or bring on a sunset. And we view our responsibility to treat the mountains and the skyscrapers with gentle awareness and fierce protection as products of God’s universe, whether created in nature by God alone or co-created with God and humanity in our urban ecosystems. We express our role as co-creators of this universe, as guardians of this universe and express our gratitude and our ongoing commitment to our role of co-creator, in our prayerful expression of thanks upon encountering this wonderments.

It is time to express gratitude for the blessings and wonders of A.I., Artificial Intelligence, in our lives as well. 

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