Spiritual Technology: A Conversation With Kate J. Stockly

Spiritual Technology: A Conversation With Kate J. Stockly

As Rabbi Josh Stanton observed in his post last week, artificial intelligence – and the idea of “technology” in general – isn’t as new as we think. Religion, as a set of strategies that solve specific problems, could even be viewed as a form of technology. Kate J. Stockly’s new book co-written with Dr. Wesley Wildman,  Spirit Tech: The Brave New World of Consciousness Hacking and Enlightenment Engineering, just released this week, draws upon the newest research to illustrate how religion and ritual bind us together, and what new notions like “consciousness hacking” are really doing with ancient ideas – are they trying to turn something collective individual, or is it something more complex?


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Kate J. Stockly is a PhD candidate at Boston University exploring feminism, brain science, spiritual experiences, and contemporary religious change through bio-cultural theories of embodied religious ritual, and author of the book Spirit Tech.



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Next week, Tuesday, May 25 at 2PM ET, we will be speaking with Rabbi Bradley Shavit Artson, Vice President of American Jewish University as well as the Abner and Roslyn Goldstine Dean of the Ziegler School of Rabbinic Studies, and author of multiple books, including Renewing the Process of Creation.

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