For the Sin of A.I. Manipulation

For the Sin of A.I. Manipulation

 And so may it be, that with AI coded for the purpose of increasing justice and sanctity in our world, that we might repair inequities and celebrate with the blessings of AI nurturing a life of goodness, a life of love, a life of peace, a life of blessing.

For the sin of developing A.I. with  greed and not for collective agency, we ask forgiveness

There is no doubt that A.I. has tremendous potential to be leveraged to advance our world, allow humans to be more exacting in performance of data analysis, or to provide assistive support for limb injuries, and even to offer grammatic and writing support for the multitudes. Read any review of A.I. in academic or defense department circles and we are reminded that greed of companies advances A.I. development from research to product in irresponsible fashion to make a buck.  It continues to be on us, the vigilant consumer, the avocational coder, to ensure A.I. continues to be accessible and affordable for use towards improving our world for the greater good.

For the sin of developing A.I. with machine bias and racism, and not with equity and equality, we ask forgiveness

Artificial Intelligence is code infused with algorithms which replicate human bias.  Programmers have the ability to pause in their work, self check the human bias, and be vigilant and careful about the machine bias replication. Our society, our legislature, our funders, are all positioned to demand correcting machine bias while we are still in early stages of AI fundamental development.  There is no excuse for this limitation and its damage is already far spread.  It is a systemic error we must get in front of and demand its repair.

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