Content Resources From Scientists in Synagogues

Content Resources From Scientists in Synagogues

Each of the congregations selected by Scientists in Synagogues agreed to create content such as blogposts, videos, and other resources surrounding Judaism and science. The topics they explore range from the neuroscience of free will to astrobiology to technology, and so here you will find all the content resources that have arisen out of this initiative.


robot-507811_1280How Tech Innovation Both Defines and Challenges Our Identity

So often, the discourse describes technological change as something that is being done to us whereas, in fact, we are the source of technological innovation and experimentation.

A Scientific Creation Cantata

One of the discoverers of the Higgs boson — who is also the president of a Reform synagogue — offers meditations on the creation story.

Swiftly Flow the Years

How do both science and Judaism influence the way we think about time?

Is This The Beginning or The End?

It is hard to be handed a 508 million year old fossil from the Burgess Shale and not realize that our problems and ideas are fairly small and short-lived.

It Might Be Kosher. It Might Not Be. Can You Eat It? And How Do You Decide?

If you are a traditional Jew and see a slice of meat that’s likely — but not certain — to be kosher, what do you do?

The “End of the World” Has Happened Before

If this time in history is in fact the end of the world, it wouldn’t be the first time.

How Teens Think About Religion and Science

After reading Krista Tippett’s book “Einstein’s God,” teenagers from Temple Israel Center have changed their views on science and religion.

Joseph, Noah, Jonah: Global Climate Change in Three Vignettes

How much power should be given, and to whom, in the name of saving humanity from what think we can predict in the future?

A Nobel Laureate’s Thoughts on Judaism and Science

Science and Jewish religious tradition share the conviction that the world and the actions of human beings matter.

God-Circuits in the Brain?

Are we hard-wired to believe in God? This is an area of investigation that has been called by some “neurotheology.”

Can Humans Create a Soul?

Is there some unique essence that separates natural-born humans from creations that seem to reproduce the same electro-chemical workings as the human brain (“a soul”)?

What Artificial Intelligence Can Teach Us About Ourselves

Human beings have long wondered about the extent to which we truly have free will, or whether the path we travel is pre-ordained.