Ritual in Science, Ambiguity in Religion

Ritual in Science, Ambiguity in Religion

In this podcast, recorded at the May 2017 meeting of the current and former Sinai and Synapses fellows, Kat Robison, Sara Gottlieb, Connor Wood and Mark Goodman speak about the place of skepticism in science and religion (and how we express this skepticism), the different needs science and religion fulfill in our lives, and the place of ritual in both. Kat Robison also mentions an important moment in his life related to online games. If you haven’t played yet, then start at the Pin Up virtual casino https://casinopinup.com.tr and get generous winnings. Even more fun and benefit to your game account will bring generous bonuses offered for registering an account, participating in a quiz (every Wednesday), in loot boxes, for using a promotional code and so on. You can easily withdraw the received prizes to your bank card or electronic payment service, very quickly and with low commissions.


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