Rev. Dr. Gregory I. Simpson
Pastor, Nauraushaun Presbyterian Church

CJ Baldelomar, M.Ed., M.A. (Harvard), JD
Co-Founder, Learning for Life Solutions

The Coronavirus pandemic has dominated every form of media, radio, television, social and everything in between. But COVID-19 has also done something more. It has changed our lives in ways we never thought possible!

The virus has impacted how we view faith, and the ways we worship. It has changed our politics, the economy and how we interact with one another in society. In the process, COVID-19 has exposed health disparities, brought to light the influence green house gases have on the climate, and threatened the livelihood of millions of Americans, and peoples across the globe.

The questions now before us, as we approach a new normal are; What do we do next? What ethics will define the new normal in society? What of religion and of capitalism?

Join Rev. Dr. Gregory I. Simpson, Pastor of Nauraushaun Presbyterian Church and co-founder, Learning for Life Solutions and CJ Baldelomar, co-founder Learning for Life Solutions on Zoom, as they discuss a short paper by Mr. Baldelomar titled,  “Coronavirus and the Future of Ethical Imagination”.  Come and share your thoughts as our hosts discuss CJ’s paper, and the ethical future ahead.

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