When Religion Heals, When Science Heals

When Religion Heals, When Science Heals

What’s the connection between religion and health? In a tense and conflict-ridden world, how can religion and science help bridge divides? How can religion and science join together to help us overcome trauma?

These are a few of the questions that the Fall 2016 Sinai and Synapses Discussion Forum explores.

heart-care-1040227_960_720Want To Live Longer? Then Connect With Others

Physically going to your mosque, temple, church, or place of worship continually predicts a longer life. Why would this be the case?

faithanddoubt-1Faith and Doubt in the Modern World

Mechon Hadar presents a fall lecture series about faith and doubt in light of science.

cassidy-will-donald-trumps-supporters-show-up-at-the-polls-1200I Can’t Understand Trump Supporters. But I Need To.

If I shut the door entirely and write off and not engage with 40% of the American population, then I’m actually part of the problem.

2016_nationwide_us_presidential_county_map_shaded_by_vote_share-svgWhen Reality is Hard to Accept

Once I accept reality, I can begin to work on the world as it is, rather than the world that exists in my head.

trump-and-obamaWhat Time Is It In America?

When we join hands we do so with wounds still open.

blurry-lightWe Need Light to See Each Other

We are mindful of that web that connects all of us, and we will, God-willing, emerge to tread more softly, honoring one another in our shared human vulnerability.

Where Does Trauma Reside?

What scientific and religious tools can we use to help us deal with trauma?

How Do We Deal With Fear?

Can religion — as a source of creative meaning — “inoculate” us against the fears that naturally arise?


When Empathy Prevents Compassion

The problem with empathy is that we tend to focus on what’s immediately in front of us, which means that we lose the opportunities to make a big difference.