Content on God's Creation and Our Creation (Page 2)

Content on God's Creation and Our Creation (Page 2)

As humans have gained increasing control over their environment, what are our new moral and religious responsibilities? How can we bring awareness of our changing role in the world to our environment? How does our creative nature mirror God’s?
These are a few of the questions that this Sinai and Synapses Discussion Forum explores.

Can Humans Create a Soul?

Is there some unique essence that separates natural-born humans from creations that seem to reproduce the same electro-chemical workings as the human brain (“a soul”)?
How much of "who we are" is determined by our genetic makeup?

Our Genes, Our Selves

As genetic technology continues to advance, what happens when we try to create or eliminate certain characteristics for our children? What are the potential unintended consequences with fiddling with our DNA? Should humans be “playing God”? Lisa Ortuno, a Sinai and Synapses Fellow, explores those questions through a series of interviews, asking several experts, “Are we more than our genes?”
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