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Elizabeth Fernandez, Ph.D. loves all things science.  She has a PhD in astrophysics and has worked around the world, using telescopes both on the ground and in space. She is now a scientific writer and a public speaker, interested in different ways of looking at the world around us. As the host and producer of SparkDialog Podcasts, a podcast on science and society, she tells the story of science in our lives, and the connection of science with things like religion, philosophy, history, culture, ethics, art, and the future.  She also is a contributor for forbes.com on science and philosophy.  She has a passion for interfaith relations, working with people from many countries and backgrounds promoting dialog between faiths.  Besides science, she is an artist and writer, loves pretty much ever genre of music in existence, and seeks out bizarre and unique musical instruments. In astrophysics, Elizabeth studied the first stars and how their appearance changed the Universe forever. You can hear more about her research when she was a guest on Starts with a Bang Podcast.