Religion and ritual help us think about the mind and body more holistically, reminding us that their relationship is more like a conversation than a Cartesian separation. This idea has only just begun to make waves in the sometimes-dogmatic fields of psychology and cognitive science. We are learning every day that we are so much more than “brains in vats” – with the isolation of COVID-19 providing a helpful contrast and showing us how much our minds need our bodies. This week for Sacred Science, Rabbi Mitelman spoke with Annie Murphy Paul, who illuminates this rich relationship in her science writing, particularly her upcoming book.


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Annie Murphy Paul is a science writer whose work on cognitive psychology has appeared in the New York TimesScientific American, and The Best American Science Writing, among many other publications. She is the author of OriginsThe Cult of Personality Testing, and the forthcoming book The Extended Mind.





Next week, on Tuesday, June 8th at 2PM Eastern, we will be speaking with Professor Julien Musolino, PhD, a Franco-American cognitive scientist at Rutgers University, New Brunswick. He studies the capacities of the human mind as well as the history and development of science. He is also the author of the book The Soul Fallacy.