Overlapping Traditions – A Conversation with Dr. Yair Lior


In the vast scale of human history, why did some events turn out the way they did? Why did some cultures develop an affinity and not others? One such historical connection, between Judaism and the shifting religious and political climate in China, has not received the attention it deserves, and Yair Lior is one scholar investigating this complex topic from the various approaches it requires. As a founder of Scholarium, Dr. Lior is also committed to supporting the work of fledgling scholars so that we will continue to be able to explore these questions in the future.

Dr. Yair Lior is a founder of Scholarium and Professor at Boston University. His focus is the scientific study of religion, applying systems theory, information theory, and a cultural evolutionary framework to comparative religion, with special emphasis on Chinese religions.




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Next week, on Tuesday, October 26 at 2 PM Eastern, we will be speaking with Joelle Novey, Director of Interfaith Power and Light for MD-DC-NoVA (Maryland-DC-North Virginia).




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