Sinai and Synapses Fellowship alumna Megan Powell Cuzzolino‘s research on awe gets to the heart, in many ways, of what we are about. One of the most powerful way to bridge ideological barriers is to remind people that there is so much we don’t know about the world, and that our knowledge and command can only go so far. A few weeks ago, Megan shared with us her exciting research on the sense of amazement that fuels scientific questioning. We spoke with her about the broader implications of her research, especially awe in children – and how maybe we can recapture a bit of that feeling as adults.


Megan Powell Cuzzolino, Ed.D., is a researcher and educator whose primary focus is on the emotion of awe and its role in scientific learning and discovery.

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Next week, we will be speaking with Julien Musolino, PhD, a Franco-American cognitive scientist at Rutgers University, New Brunswick, who studies the capacities of the human mind as well as the history and development of science. He is also the author of the book The Soul Fallacy.



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