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Does belief require you to suspend analytical thinking altogether? Perhaps we only think this way because of the type of society we live in. Historically, an analytical thinking style hasn’t always pushed people away from religion, and many theologians had a different idea of religion’s role in society, bringing systematic rigor to understanding it and eagerness to resolving its inconsistencies. Bringing the different modes of thinking to situations we don’t necessarily expect could help bridge the gap between religion and science.

Sinai and Synapses Fellowship alumni Connor Wood and Jonathan Morgan have continued to have a fruitful collaboration long after their respective cycles of the program have ended. Now they have contributed a chapter to a new book, “The New Reflectionism in Cognitive Psychology: Why Reason Matters,” published by Routledge and edited by Gordon Pennycook. Rabbi Geoff Mitelman spoke with them in a 40-minute interview, which will be published in parts throughout this week. Read the transcript for Part 3, “Can You Be Both Religious and Analytical?,” below.

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