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Events (Page 19)

Nov 2 – 23, 2014

It’s About Time

What is the nature of time? How does Judaism understand and help us mark our days, weeks and years? Join us for this three-week course at Temple Beth El of Northern Westchester.
Mar 28 – 29, 2014

Happiness, Science and Judaism

How does the science of happiness link to Jewish texts and Jewish tradition? Come join us for a Scholar-in-Residence weekend to learn more!
Apr 8, 2014

The Science of the Yetzer Hara

Part of Temple Concord’s Scholar Series, exploring the ways our baser impulses get us into trouble — and how we can overcome them.
Oct 23, 2013

Who’s in Charge Here? How We Make Choices

The fourth session of a five-week class at Central Synagogue in New York City, as this class looks at the way we make decisions, why we often do so poorly, and how we can do better.