Tu B’Shvat teaches us about renewal and growth! Join us as an ophthalmologist and photographer explains how the neurological connections in the brain enable us to see. We will go outside to take pictures, appreciate nature, and learn how our brains and eyes work together!

How do our eyes work so our brain see what it sees? How does a camera take pictures of what it sees? What is Tu B’Shvat and how do our eyes, brain and heart connect to this Holiday for the Trees? Join us for an exciting and hands on JSTEAM program at Mishkan Tefila and learn about your eyes, your brains, a camera and how they connect with Tu B’Shvat. Please bring a digital camera or smart phone if you have one. Special JSTEAM programming will be run simultaneously for our younger (3- 5) scientists.

We will explore nature through:
Our Brains and Eyes

With Ophthalmologist Dr. Rosalie Razelbach, Photographer/Physician Dr. Austin Wertheimer, and Rabbi Marcia Plumb