We’ve all heard about the supposed conflict between science and faith. But what if there’s more to the story, a richer vision of harmony to be shared with the world around us? Join BioLogos at the waterfront Hyatt Regency in Baltimore’s picturesque Inner Harbor for the 2019 BioLogos Conference, Beyond Conflict: Science, Faith, & the Big Questions, March 27 – 29, 2019.

How do we use science to bridge religious worlds? And what are the unique challenges and opportunities for the science and religion discussion if we broaden the conversation to include not just Christians but Jews, Muslims, atheists, Baha’i and non-Abrahamic adherents, as well?

Rabbi Geoffrey A. Mitelman is the Founding Director of Sinai and Synapses, an organization that bridges the worlds of religion and science. Its first project — and one that is currently in its third cohort — is an interfaith Fellowship: a select program for clergy, doctoral students, scientists and writers to come together for cross-pollination, breaking down barriers and misconceptions, and forming new relationships. How do we explore big questions from multiple perspectives? How do we learn from others, and how can disparate voices help us understand ourselves and our own worldview better? What happens when shared texts or shared language gets “translated” from one tradition or discipline to another? By having intimate, deep and meaningful conversations across both religious lines and scientific disciplines, we have found that our Fellows have found a deeper connection to their faith, new perspectives on their work and stronger connections to their communities, as well as new academic avenues to explore. In our ultra-polarized world, with distrust of “the other” rampant and academic silos the norm, there is now an even greater need to create as many bridges as possible.