An Interactive Learning session led by Dr. Pam Straining, Clinical Psychologist, and Dr. Angela Cristini, Professor of Biology and Vice President of Ramapo College.

Made possible by a grant from Sinai & Synapses, we offer a series of programs with the theme of “The Science of Tsuris: The Polyvagal Theory and How Judaism Responds to our Biological Imperative to Connect“

Join us for our opening program to kick off our five-part learning series, where we will explore the connections between science and Judaism. This event will focus on an introduction to Dr. Stephen Porges’ Polyvagal Theory, which describes a biological imperative to connect that is built into our autonomic nervous system and is active in all human experience. We will begin to examine how our Jewish teachings, practices and community are related to our feelings of connectedness and safety. Four additional events are scheduled on Sundays throughout March and April, with details to follow.

The initial event will be held via Zoom and Livestreamed. It is free to attend and open to BHSS members and the larger community.

Click HERE to register for the program on February 21.