“Art, Science & Design: Collaborations for Climate Resiliency & Water Futures”

A collaborative bioart series to learn about, imagine, and design our way to a climate resilient future.
In this four-part series, we’ll hear stories from artists, ecologists, engineers, historians, teachers, technologists, and more to explore what climate means to us today, and how science and art can work together to generate creative expressions connected to climate change and resilient communities. Each session will include a short presentation, small group discussion with space for imagination and design, and share outs in the hopes of sparking new collaborations and inspiration for your practice as an artist, scientist, teacher, or however you see yourself!
02/21/21, Week 1: Water in New York City – David Chuchuc (NYC H2O https://www.nych2o.org/)
03/07/21, Week 2: Climate Design Solutions – Saba Khalid & Nazmul Ahmed (Engineering and Energy)
03/21/21, Week 3: Science and Design as Political Action – Elaine Young (https://www.studiophoria.com/)
04/11/21, Week 4: Walking the Edge – Carolyn Hall, Clarinda MacLow, Sarah Cameron Sunde, & Sto Len (Works on Water https://www.worksonwater.org/)

Meet the Organizers

 Art, Science, & Design: Collabs for Climate Resiliency & Water Futures image

Simone Johnson (she/her) is an interdisciplinary artist and Teaching Artist currently based in New York City. She mostly makes work about/with/around water. Learn more at https://dancewithsimone.wordpress.com/

 Art, Science, & Design: Collabs for Climate Resiliency & Water Futures image

Megan Wang (she/they) is a neuroscientist who is passionate about the outdoors, environmentalism, and science outreach.

Meet the Instructors

Follow this link to learn more about all of the participating instructors, facilitators, and organizers:

Instructors: David Chuchuca, Nazmul Ahmed, Saba Khalid, Elaine Young, Carolyn Hall, sTo Len, Clarinda Maclow, Sarah Sunde

Facilitators: Beth Tuck, Jenna North, Kendra Krueger, Tchnavia Merrick