What If We Stopped Fanning the Flames?

What If We Stopped Fanning the Flames?

Americans are accustomed to a highly polarized battlefield between the very religious and the steadfastly scientific. With the former group frequently influencing our laws and federal government, and the latter then sees it as a threat. But other Anglophone countries like the UK and Ireland, which Dr. Chris Cotter studies at the University of Edinburgh and through the Religious Studies Project, have very different issues. Despite having official state religions, they seem to regard the entire concept of religion differently, and issues that are highly controversial in some parts of the US, such as teaching evolution in schools, seem to be largely settled. How did this equilibrium come about? What issues remain? And are there any lessons for our side of the pond?

Sinai and Synapses fellow Isaac Alderman sat down with Dr. Cotter for a video interview to discuss these issues from this refreshing perspective.

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