The Power of Citizen Science: A Conversation with Dr. Grace Wolf-Chase

The Power of Citizen Science: A Conversation with Dr. Grace Wolf-Chase

Even if you don’t have a degree in science, there’s no need to feel excluded from the process. Science depends on many vast efforts that can outgrow the size of a grant or a lab, and citizen science has traditionally helped fill this gap. However, without institutions holding them together, citizen scientists have traditionally been left to their own devices to seek out one another. The ability connect online, however, has changed all this, and now, through sites like Zooniverse, any curious person with an internet connection can lend their help to major scientific efforts, from classifying stellar explosions to tracking bees and manatees.

Dr. Grace Wolf-Chase is Senior Scientist and Senior Education & Communication Specialist at the Planetary Science Institute, where she studies the origins of stars and planets. She is also the liaison between the Planetary Science Institute and Zooniverse. We first spoke with her at the beginning of the pandemic, where the prospect of citizen science offered promising endeavors for classrooms and congregations who had been physically separated from one another.



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