The CRISPR Revolution in Science, Religion and Ethics

The CRISPR Revolution in Science, Religion and Ethics

CRISPR gene editing is a surprisingly accessible technology that in recent years has made possible everything from frivolous enhancements, like designer pets, to essential therapies, like gene therapies for rare diseases. Sinai and Synapses Fellowship alumnus Dr. Arvin Gouw was chosen by Pacific Lutheran Theological Seminary to give their 2023 Mohrenweiser Lecture in February. Dr. Gouw lucidly described the mechanism and uses of CRISPR for a lay audience, and then dug deeper into the ethical and religious implications of this powerful gene-editing tool,

Afterward, in a response to Dr. Gouw’s talk, Dr. Ted Peters pushed religious leaders, particularly pastors, to think through how the existence and increasing prominence of this technology might affect their congregants.

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