Somatic Experiencing in a Pandemic

Somatic Experiencing in a Pandemic

As the COVID-19 crisis has still-unfolding consequences for our families, communities and society, so too does it affect our bodies. Even if we are free of the virus ourselves, we may be experiencing enormous stress, which can manifest itself psychologically, physically as well as in the uncertain space in between. Hours of sitting still on phone calls and Zoom meetings, and even during leisure activities like watching TV, have become vaguely uncomfortable as staying inside has led us to forget about our bodies. How can we locate our stress and trauma in these situations, so that we can properly address it?

We sat down with Rabbi Arielle Hanien, a former Sinai and Synapses Fellow who is also a psychotherapist trained in Somatic Experiencing, to discuss practical tips for relating to ourselves and each other during this difficult time.

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