Moon Mission

Moon Mission

As a child, I read a book about the Moon that said it was formed when a large, Mars-sized object collided with Earth around 4.5 billion years ago. Lots of debris was kicked up into space, which eventually collected under its own self-gravity to form the Moon. This theory is still the prevailing one today, and is supported by strong evidence.

I was captivated by this idea. So much so, that I ran excitedly into the next room to tell my mother about it. She listened patiently, and then with a bit of honest confusion, said “But didn’t God make the Moon?”

I was taken aback. I honestly hadn’t factored that into my thinking in that moment, though it was something I believed (and still do to this day). But my mother’s reaction was understandable. She believed God made the Moon, and I appeared to be offering an alternative story which completely contradicted hers.

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