Genetics, Identity and Our Changing Selves

Genetics, Identity and Our Changing Selves

Prenatal genetic testing has grown enormously in recent years in both its ability to prevent life-threatening illnesses and the number of people it has helped. What if we used genetics to learn about and pursue our highest potential? And what if genetic technology in humans raised the bar of that potential through the ability to modify and enhance our genes? Genetic modification in humans brings us to previously uncharted territory.

We spoke with Marnie Gelbart, Ph.D., the scientific advisor for Harvard Medical School’s pgEd project, about the problems genetic testing and engineering both create and solve.

In the excerpt above, she tells the story of how gene sequencing helped a boy overcome a rare and serious disease. The full transcript and presentation are below the jump.

This program is part of the project “Science Education for Jewish Professionals,” a series of webinars run in partnership the American Association for the Advancement of Science Program of Dialogue on Science, Ethics and Religion, in partnership with Sinai and Synapses, hosted by Clal – The National Jewish Center for Learning and Leadership, and funded by the John Templeton Foundation.

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