A Blessing in Space: A Conversation with Michael Kaplan

A Blessing in Space: A Conversation with Michael Kaplan

As images of the James Webb Telescope take hold over our imaginations, we may not realize the incredible engineering it required — and the community that built it. Michael Kaplan was part of the team at the beginning of the JWST project, and has also been involved in SpaceIL, both of which helped deepen his connection to Judaism. Recently profiled by The Jewish Chronicle, his work at NASA also connects to his Jewish life at Congregation Har HaShem in Boulder, CO, which was part of Scientists in Synagogues from 2018-2019.

Michael Kaplan is the Principal Consultant at Kaplan Astronautics, LLC located in Boulder, CO and has been working in aerospace, satellite and systems domains for over 35 years. While at NASA Headquarters, Michael created and led the development of several transformational programs including the James Webb Space Telescope (JWST), successor to the Hubble Space Telescope.

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