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Why Judaism Needs Velcro

If we want Judaism to “stick” for our students, we truly need to be intentional about how we do it.

Who Will My Daughter Be?

While I have had the title “rabbi” for a few years, I have had the title “daddy” for just under a month. Naturally, this new relationship is causing me to think of all sorts of questions.

Our Life: Based on a True Story

We know that no movie that is “based on a true story” is ever the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. The editors decide what stays in, what gets cut, and what order the story should be told in. What we forget is that our lives are “based on a true story,” as well.

Memory is Not About the Past — Memory is About the Future

Reflecting on the past is not the real purpose of memory. Instead, as Professor Steve Joordens says, memory is “any time when a past experience has an effect on current or future behavior.” In other words, memory is not about the past – memory is really about the present and the future.