Sinai and Synapses Fellow Adam Reynolds will be in conversation with Mike McHargue. As an atheist, Mike had a mystical experience of God that he couldn’t explain. This triggered an intense curiosity to understand what was happening in his brain during this time. He began to aggressively study the neuroscience of spiritual experience and religious belief. Now known as ‘Science Mike’, he is a widely popular podcaster, author and speaker on this topic.

Join Mike for this special workshop on the various neurocognitive dynamics at play in human brains when we interact with the ideas, social realities and inner experience of religion and spirituality.

The workshop will include three 30-minute modules (at 3:30, 4:00 and 4:30):

1) Skepticism – Why It’s So Awesome
2) God in your Brain – Cognitively Healthy Belief and Unbelief
3) Empathy – The Ultimate Human Software Upgrade

Come to any or all of these modules. Bring your questions about science, religion and the human brain!

You can also hear Mike tell his story in the evening: