If you are interested in the growing movement of Positive Psychology and Judaism, this Summit is for you.

Professionals, clergy, educators, authors, social workers, academics, seminarians, thought Leaders, journalists, and folks of every denomination and background are invited.

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Summit Schedule

May 23, 2018, 92nd St. Y

9:00  Arrive and Check-in

9:15  Welcome

9:30  Positive Judaism: A New Vision for Jewish Life in the 21st Century, Rabbi Darren Levine

10:00 Foundations in Human Flourishing: Positive Psychology, Emiliya Zhivotovskaya

10:30 The Latest Research on Religion and Happiness, Rabbi Geoff Mitelman

10:50 Break

11:00 Panel Discussion: Applications of Happiness and Well-being Theory in Jewish Life Today
David Bryfman, “Thriving as the New Purpose of Jewish Education”
Jeffrey Kress,  “Social and Emotional Learning in Jewish Settings”
Rabbi Michael Mellen, “Resonant Leadership and Change”
Rabbi Rebecca Sirbu, “Positive Psychology in Synagogues and Ritual Spaces”
Cantor Adina Frydman, Moderator

12:15 Pre-lunch study with Rabbi Evan Moffic, “The Happiness Prayer”

12:30 Buffet Lunch and Table Talk Conversations
David Bryfman, “Can Jewish Education Really Make You Happy?”
Cantor Adina Frydman, “Potential Impacts of Positive Judaism on a Communal Level”
Jeffrey Kress,  “Social and Emotional Learning in Jewish Education”
Rabbi Michael Mellen, “Developing Your Positive Leadership Voice”
Rabbi Evan Moffic, “Intentional Prayer Boosts Physical Wellbeing and Health”
Rabbi Geoff Mitelman, “Living Jewishly at the Intersection of Science and Religion”
Rabbi Rebecca Sirbu, “Integrating Positive Psychology into your Synagogue or Organization”
Emiliya Zhivotovskaya, “Why Some People Flourish While Others Languish”

1:15  The Road Ahead: Achieving Positive Judaism, Rabbi Darren Levine

1:30  Farewell