The split of science from faith is a problem in our culture because, as Albert Einstein is reported to have said, religion without science is blind. Einstein also knew that, left to its own devices, science leaves important truths untouched. “Science without religion is lame,” is how he put it.

To address these problems, Trinity Episcopal Cathedral is offering a two part series, “Christian Faith and Modern Science,” led by a scientist and a theologian who both have had significant experiences with science-religion dialogue.

Dr. Stefanie Leacock, a former Sinai and Synapses Fellow (2015-2017), holds a B.S. in Biological Sciences from Florida State, and a PhD in Genetics from Yale. Formerly, she taught biology, genetics and developmental biology at UT-Austin. Currently, she is a consultant for biology higher education, working on content for undergraduate genetics textbooks. At Sinai and Synapses, Dr. Leacock participated in a community of religious leaders, scientists, educators, and researchers seeking to elevate the discourse between science and religion.

The Very Rev. Dr. Christoph Keller, III is Dean of Trinity Cathedral. He holds a Doctor of Theology (ThD) in Anglican Studies (2009) from General Theological Seminary. His field was systematic theology, with a focus in theology and science. His dissertation, “Darwin’s Science in Chalcedonian Imagination: Barth, Double Agency and Theistic Evolution,” explores and affirms compatibility between Christian faith and evolution.

The class is divided into two parts, and people are welcome to participate in either part or both.

The schedule is as follows:

Part I: September 6 through October 18

September 6: Religion and Science: Enemies or Allies?
September 13: About the Bible. (Dr. Keller)
September 20: Religion and Science: New Conversations (Dr. Leacock)
September 27: About the Cosmos: Is it Designed for Life?  (Dr. Keller)
October 4: About Darwin: The Man and His Science (Dr. Keller)
October 11: Incarnation, Passion, and Evolution (Dr. Keller)
October 18: Atheistic Darwinism and its Challenge (Dr. Keller)

Part II: November 8 through December 20

November 8: Process of Science (Dr. Leacock)
November 15: Genetics: Myths and facts (Dr. Leacock)
November 22: No Class
November 29: Kinship of all Life (Dr. Leacock)
December 6: What does it mean to edit a genome? (Dr. Leacock)
December 13: God’s creation, Our creations (Dr. Leacock)
December 20: About God: In Christian Understanding (Dr. Keller)

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